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Filling Up Pouring Out with Pastor Allen McGraw

This podcast contains sermons by United Methodist pastor, Allen McGraw. These sermons are typically recorded during the Sunday morning worship service at First United Methodist Church in Water Valley, Mississippi.


Apr 19, 2017

It's Easter! In the text from John, two of the twelve disciples, along with Mary Magdelene, encounter the empty tomb. But it's Mary Magdelene who becomes the first evangelist, sharing the Good News of the Risen Christ. What made the difference?

  • Sermon Title: Easter: It Takes More Than That
  • Preacher: Allen...

Apr 11, 2017

It is Palm Sunday, where we celebrate the "triumphant" entry of Jesus into the holy city of Jerusalem. But it won't be long until the cries of "hosanna" turn to "crucify him." All that we say and do should be filtered through the lens of the Crucified Christ. Jesus doesn't just ask us to witness the crucifixion but...

Apr 3, 2017

This is the fifth and final sermon in our Lenten Sermon Series, "Living Our Baptismal Calling." Martha is faced with the faith-altering death of her brother Lazarus. Yet in the midst of her grief, she still finds a reason to believe. What does this mean for us as we seek to live as Christians in the world today?

  • Sermon...