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Filling Up Pouring Out with Pastor Allen McGraw

This podcast contains sermons by United Methodist pastor, Allen McGraw. These sermons are typically recorded during the Sunday morning worship service at First United Methodist Church in Water Valley, Mississippi.


Aug 28, 2013

What does it say when our rules mean more to us than the well being of our neighbor? In the text today, Jesus heals a woman who has a crippling condition,but the leader of the synagogue only sees a violation … Continue reading

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Aug 14, 2013

Worship: What is it and why do we do it? These questions aren’t always easy to answer. In this sermon, I try to answer those questions and get to the heart of who we are as worshipers of The Christ. … Continue reading

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We Are Worship:...

Aug 7, 2013

It seems that our culture is consumed by a fixation on stuff. “How do I get more stuff?” “What should I do with all my stuff?” “Now that I have some stuff, I need to work harder to get more … Continue reading

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What’s It Worth:...