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Filling Up Pouring Out with Pastor Allen McGraw

This podcast contains sermons by United Methodist pastor, Allen McGraw. These sermons are typically recorded during the Sunday morning worship service at First United Methodist Church in Water Valley, Mississippi.


Jul 30, 2013

Prayer is something we do, but rarely understand. What is prayer, how is it to be done, what should we expect, is anyone really listening? We are not alone with our questions. Even the disciples expressed this lack of understanding … Continue reading...

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Jul 24, 2013

If you ever get tired, frustrated, or even angry while trying to serve others, then this passage from Luke may have something to offer. Martha and Mary, two sisters, seem to have different ideas about what it means to be … Continue reading

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Jul 24, 2013

The parable of The Good Samaritan may be one of the most recognizable stories that Jesus ever told. Or at least the title we’ve given the story may be recognizable. The phrase “good Samaritan” may be well known, even if … Continue reading

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Jul 12, 2013

Being a disciple of Jesus is about more than checking off a few items on a preacher’s list of things to do; sinners prayer, go to church, sing some hymns, say your prayers, etc. Being a disciple means going where … Continue reading

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Jul 12, 2013

We are called to be disciples and make disciples. If you think this is easy, then re-read Luke 9:51-62 where where Jesus makes it clear that being often mean living in a way that doesn’t come naturally. Sermon Title: Unnatural Discipleship … Continue reading

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